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Making Money through Link Shortening

12 April 2024

These days, there are lots of interesting and not-so-obvious ways to make money online. One of those methods is by shortening links.


In this article, we'll talk about how to get started with link shortening, how you can earn money from it, and we'll recommend a few websites that offer link shortening services.


So, why do people shorten links? Well, there are a few reasons:


  • Short links just look nicer than long ones. People tend to trust and click on shorter links more often.
  • When you shorten a link, it helps hide the actual address of the website you're linking to. This can provide some extra privacy and security.
  • Link shortening services can give you information about how many people clicked on your links, when they did it, and other useful stats.




But how exactly can you make money from shortened links? For website owners, the main benefit is from advertising. When someone clicks on a link, they might see an ad video, subscribe to notifications, or take some other action that generates revenue. The link-shortening service then shares that revenue with the website owner.


Who can benefit from link shortening? Well, it's especially useful for people who have popular resources across different platforms. For example, if you have a big blog or website, you can place short links there to earn money.



But even if you don't have your own resources, there are free ways to share links, such as on forums, social networks, message boards, comments, or through email newsletters.


So, what should you link to? Here are some popular options:


  • Your own website
  • Social media pages
  • Current news articles
  • New music and movies
  • Online stores
  • Useful free services


However, it's important to know that earnings from link shortening are usually not big. Most website owners make more money from selling advertising space. And in order to sell advertising space on your website without going through the hustle of finding advertisers on your own, you need to partner up with an advertising network like MyBid.

MyBid already works with thousands of advertisers in over 200 geos. We have the technology to show ads that are most relevant to your audience, which can bring in great profits for website owners who partner with us.

Top link-shortening services

Galaxy Link



The first site on our list is Galaxy Link. It offers free link shortening and even pays you extra for clicks on the shortened links.


Getting started on Galaxy Link is easy. Just create an account, shorten your links, and place them on websites to get traffic and make money.


The rates for views are quite high. For example, you can earn $5 for every 1,000 views from the USA on desktop devices (or $4.3 on mobile devices).


You can also earn money from views in other countries, although the rates are a bit lower. They usually pay around $2 to $3 for traffic from most European countries and $1.5 for traffic from other locations.


You can withdraw your earnings once you reach $5, and they offer payment through PayPal and other wallets.


Galaxy Link also has a referral program where you can earn 20% of the earnings from people you refer to the site.





Oio.io is another link-shortening site. It takes just a minute to create an account, and then you can start shortening your links right away.


For every 1,000 views from the USA, Oio.io will pay you $4.1. From Australia, they pay $5. For other countries, the rate is at least $1.5. Keep in mind that one user can generate multiple views, which increases your earnings.


You can receive payments through PayPal, Payeer, Bitcoin, Payoneer, and other payment systems. However, Oio.io only pays out twice a month, on the 1st and 15th.


They also have a referral program where you can earn 20% of the earnings from people you refer.





Adfoc.us is one of the largest services for making money from link shortening.


Their payment system works differently. They calculate earnings based on the number of clicks from the same IP address in a day. The first visit pays the most since it's from a unique visitor.


For every 1,000 "first" visits to your link from the USA, Adfoc.us will pay you $19.25. For 1,000 "second" visits per day, you'll earn $5.78.


However, the rates are much lower for some countries. For example, 1,000 "first" visits from China, Thailand, and Vietnam will only earn you $0.35.


They make payments through PayPal and Bitcoin.




AdFly.be is another link-shortening site. They offer higher rates for traffic from Tier-3 countries if compared to the average market rates.


The process of shortening links on AdFly.be is similar to Galaxy Link.


They provide a user-friendly administration panel, detailed click statistics, and an API for faster link shortening.


For every 1,000 views from anywhere in the world, AdFly.be will pay you $2.5.


You can withdraw your earnings once you reach $10.

They also have a referral program where you can earn 20% of the earnings from people you refer. Payments are made through PayPal and Bitcoin.




BCVC is a modern link-shortening service with some interesting features.


In addition to quickly shortening links, they scan their ads to ensure user safety. BCVC also provides an API and detailed click statistics.


They have a special advertising script for site owners to profit from every visitor.


For unique visits from the United States, they offer high payments ranging from $10 to $15 for both mobile and desktop traffic. Rates are lower for other countries.


BCVC has a referral program where you can earn 10% of the earnings from people you invite.


You can receive payments through bank transfer, Payoneer, or Bitcoin.






CatCut is a platform for advertisers and affiliates. If you want to make money, you can enable advertising after shortening the link in the settings.


You get paid for viewing advertisements. The rates are not very high, as they only pay $0.20 for every 1000 views from the CIS.


Just like many other similar services, CatCut also has a referral program on their website.


You can withdraw your earnings through Payeer, PayPal, AdvCash, cryptocurrencies, and other payment systems.






There are other well-established players in the link-shortening industry, like Pubiza. This project has been around since 2011 and has 550,000 users.


Aside from offering decent payment for visiting links, Pubiza provides real-time monitoring and active technical support.


Pubiza has a referral program where you can earn a 10% commission from the income generated by users you refer.


Pubiza pays out earnings via PayPal every 7 days, and you need to have at least $10 to make a withdrawal.




Smoner is a link-shortening service that offers different rates depending on the location. You can earn between $2 and $5 for every 1000 views.


You can also make money by referring others to the service. You'll receive a 10% commission from their earnings.


You can withdraw your earnings starting from $3, and you have the option to use cryptocurrencies, PayPal, or TrueMoney Wallet.




Clicksfly is another link-shortening service that allows you to earn money from both traffic and referrals.


Clicksfly pays $10-20 for every 1000 views from specific locations, and the rates for other countries are $3.5.


They have a referral program where you can earn 5% of the earnings made by the users you refer.


The minimum withdrawal amount is $3, and you can choose to receive your payment in Bitcoin, PayPal, Payeer, USDT, Binance Pay, Payoneer, or other methods. You can withdraw your earnings on a daily basis.




Last on our list is AdMaven. AdMaven is another platform where you can shorten links and monetize them.


Once you register, you can start working right away. The process of shortening links is quick. AdMaven pays higher rates compared to the industry standards, up to $20 for every 1000 views.


AdMaven also has a referral program where you can earn 5% of the revenue generated by users you refer.


You can withdraw your earnings through PayPal, Payoneer, and other methods.


Making money through link shortening is an unusual but effective way to monetize the traffic on your website. However, the most popular and reliable method is through advertising. Since 2019, MyBid has been working in the affiliate marketing industry. We manage a large network of our own websites, and also successfully help our partners to monetize their websites. Our affiliates and advertisers come from all over the world. We warmly invite you to join our network to monetize your website traffic.

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