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The Perfect Match: Which Verticals Are Best for Push Notifications, InPage Push, Pops, Native Ads, and Teasers

10 July 2024

Once you've figured out your traffic source, the next step is to find a relevant vertical or offer that not only suits that selected geo but also complements the advertising format you are planning to use. This applies to everyone, not just beginners. Even experienced affiliates who are exploring new formats within ad networks at some point decide to try different verticals.

The team from MyBid, a fully-managed ad network, advises affiliates not to overcomplicate things. Instead, they recommend focusing on verticals that have consistently performed well with push notifications, pops, native ads, and teasers over a period of time.

These popular ad formats available through networks help generate traffic at costs that are more affordable compared to platforms like Facebook, Google, and TikTok. This is particularly true for expensive geos such as Tier-1 countries. For example, in the MyBid advertising network, you can get 1000 impressions in countries like the US, Canada, Germany, UK, New Zealand, and Australia starting at just $0.000169.



In this article, we have compiled a list of trending verticals that are ideal for promotion using push notifications, InPage pushes, pop-ups, native ads, and teasers.


In the Installs vertical, you'll find software like VPNs, antivirus programs, and tools to clear up memory on your device. These are really popular, especially in the U.S., because people there worry a lot about keeping their online activities private and their personal information safe. But this kind of software isn't only popular in the U.S. – in many countries, people are concerned about online privacy and security. This is because these days, devices face all sorts of risks when connected to the internet. So, there's a strong demand for these kinds of software all around the world.


This vertical has several advantages:

  • Offers are consistent throughout the year.
  • Affiliates earn commissions without requiring users to make in-app purchases.
  • About 90% of offers pay affiliates for conversions achieved through software installations and users starting trial periods.

Using classic push notifications, InPage push, pops, and native ads in this vertical can help you earn money, ranging from $300 to tens of thousands, steadily and consistently. The key is to treat your landing pages and creatives with respect. Instead of trying to deceive users by pretending their devices have issues, it's better to send them to a landing page showcasing a list with multiple offers for them to choose from.

Mobile content (Pin submit)

Mobile content subscriptions involve offering content for mobile devices through a subscription model, with a focus on acquiring a large number of subscribers by targeting cost-effective traffic sources. This approach is particularly effective for traffic coming from advertising networks, given the widespread use of mobile devices by billions of users today. Additionally, more than 50% of mobile users are consistently seeking ways to entertain themselves using their phones, which are always within reach. According to a report from Statista, the number of mobile device users is expected to keep growing, indicating significant potential in this vertical.




While the classification of this niche isn't definitively labeled as legal or illegal, potential subscribers often don't immediately realize that they are signing up for a paid content subscription.

Also, it's relatively easy to promote offers in this vertical using affordable and popular ad formats from advertising networks. This is especially true when targeting users in Tier-3 countries—regions that are just beginning to explore the wider internet landscape. These geos include many countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. While traffic from these countries may not be expensive, many networks that connect with local websites don't effectively filter out bot traffic. As a result, bot-generated traffic is quite common in these geos. In the well-managed MyBid network, over 90% of the sites are owned by the network itself, and traffic costs for Tier-3 countries start as low as $0.00003, while Tier-2 traffic starts from $0.00016.





When talking about the best verticals for push notifications, pop-ups, native ads, and banners, we can't forget to mention sweepstakes. This is a classic choice for affiliate marketing, especially when you're working with a tight budget and looking for affordable traffic sources.




Even in 2023, sweepstakes are still a popular option. Many people online are open to trying their luck for a chance to win cool prizes, like the latest high-end smartphone or a big cash prize.

The best time to run ads for these offers is around major global holidays, religious celebrations, and national observances – moments when people are more inclined to believe in luck and good fortune.

Sweepstakes attract a wide audience, regardless of age. However, when you're focusing on traditional ad formats, it's a good idea to target countries like Latin America, Africa, and China for this vertical. If you're more experienced, you might even consider expanding to more expensive geos, where the profits can also be higher.




When working with sweepstakes, it's important to create an effective marketing funnel with eye-catching designs and pre-landing pages. These elements will keep your target audience engaged in the contest. You can add various features to your pre-landing and landing pages to boost conversions. For example, you could include surveys, fun quizzes, prize selection options, a spin-the-wheel game, updates on other participants' winnings, and more.




Unfortunately, in the current landscape of online advertising, simply choosing a suitable vertical to target traffic from advertising networks is not enough. Given the growing competition among media buyers, a campaign's success heavily relies on the quality of traffic coming from the sites connected to the network.

In the MyBid fully-managed advertising network, traffic is acquired from sites that are directly part of the advertising network. It also undergoes regular checks using internal filters and the network's own procurement department.


This guide focuses on three main verticals where the popular ad promotion formats mentioned above work best: getting people to install apps, signing up for mobile subscriptions, and entering sweepstakes. These verticals offer the quickest and easiest way to make money from your traffic.

While other verticals like dating, gambling, betting, and insurance can also benefit from push, pop, banner, native, and teaser ads, it's a good idea to have the support of an experienced personal manager from the ad network when dealing with these.

Additionally, make sure to regularly test and keep track of your campaign results. This will help you make improvements in a timely manner and potentially earn even more money.


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