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What Do Women Desire? How to Target Female Audiences with Dating Offers

5 July 2024

Over the past 5 years, Google Trends has shown that the search term "dating" remains popular and keeps attracting people's attention, especially in Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, and some African countries. According to Statista, around 366 million people used dating apps and sites in 2022, and experts expect this number to increase by another 86.5 million by 2028.




What's interesting is that while dating apps used to be mostly popular among young men aged 18 to 34, the number of women using them has significantly grown in recent years. For example, on Tinder, which is downloaded by 2 million iPhone owners every month from the App Store, almost 38% of the users are women. However, most marketers who promote dating offers tend to target men and overlook the great potential and lack of competition in reaching out to women. In this article, we'll explore why it's profitable to focus on dating girls and women when promoting dating offers and how to make the most profit from it.

Why targeting women for dating offers can be profitable

Not only are dating sites gaining more users, but they're also bringing in more profits. According to Statista, dating sites generated nearly $3 billion for their owners last year, and that number is expected to increase to around $3.39 billion by 2027. So, it's clear that there's money to be made in this industry.

As mentioned earlier, there are more and more women joining dating sites. A study by Nomura Instinet found that women now make up 40% of the user base. However, this change is more noticeable among younger people. Among users aged 45 and above, the boundaries are less defined because there are more mature women who know what they want, rather than just young girls looking for someone well-off or cool.

Additionally, in today's world, people value emotional connections in relationships. Statistics show that out of a million people, 84% prefer taking their time and engaging in "slow dating" online. In the US, 54% of dating app and website users believe that online dating holds as much promise as offline relationships, and women are no exception. They are becoming more proactive, showing interest in profile information, taking the initiative, and not hesitating to message men first.

Understanding the target audience

The target audience for women's dating can be categorized into several groups:

  • Young girls who are interested in various aspects of online dating, including not only romantic relationships but also casual dating, flirting, and communication through the internet.
  • Women seeking sexual encounters without the commitment of a serious relationship.
  • Career women and businesswomen who have limited time to actively search for a partner in their everyday lives.
  • Affluent women who are looking for a wealthy partner.
  • Shy individuals who feel uncomfortable meeting new people in person and prefer online dating to overcome their shyness.
  • LGBT women form a distinct category that shows good conversion rates.

The choice of target audience will depend on the specific dating offer being promoted. Mainstream offers tend to attract a broader range of categories, while specialized offers target a narrower audience. Before launching your campaign, it is important to determine the intended target group and select a reliable source of high-quality traffic with minimal bot interference. For instance, MyBid, an advertising network operating in a fully managed format, is an excellent option. It provides access to premium traffic from trusted websites, an engaged paying audience, and dedicated managers to handle campaign setup and management.

Features of dating campaigns that target female audiences

When running a campaign targeting women in the dating niche, it's important to consider the following features:

  • Online activity patterns: Women typically spend around 79 minutes per day on dating sites, according to a study by Nomura Instinet. The peak activity time is around 9:00 PM local time. Mondays and Tuesdays tend to be the best days for engagement on dating sites.
  • Language and ad creatives: In countries with multiple official languages, it's important to set up language targeting to reach your desired audience. When designing ad creatives, focus on addressing the needs and desires of women, such as the desire for a serious relationship or spending time with a pleasant company. Emphasizing these aspects tends to work better than using images of overly muscular men. Additionally, it's important to use language that is easily understood by different age groups. Avoid using slang or terms that may not resonate with women aged 45 and above.
  • Increased cross-border connections: There has been a rise in relationships between individuals residing in different countries. Therefore, it's essential to study user preferences and behavior based on their geos to tailor your campaign accordingly.
  • Age differences: Women aged 45 and above respond well to content featuring popular influencers, as they tend to trust their credibility. Consider incorporating images of well-known personalities in your ads to improve conversion rates.

Traffic sources for targeting female audiences

There are various types of traffic sources available for promoting women's dating offers. These include popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Google Ads, and YouTube, as well as formats such as teasers, push notifications, and pops.

However, it's important to note that many platforms have restrictions on advertising content related to adult or 18+ themes. This can pose challenges for affiliates working with dating offers, as their accounts may get blocked. As a result, these platforms are more suitable for mainstream dating offers or for those working in less regulated spaces.

When it comes to conversions, dating offers tend to perform well with pops and push notifications. These formats allow for broad user reach at a relatively low cost per bid. Pop ads are particularly easy to test since the key element is the landing page. Push notifications, on the other hand, are user-friendly and create a sense of personal communication, which aligns well with the concept of dating. Many advertising networks offer these formats, making it easier and more profitable to invest in them. Ad networks, like MyBid, provide personalized assistance from a dedicated manager who can handle campaign setup and launch, ensuring that your campaign runs smoothly and generates profits.

Examples of creatives for uploading dating to a female audience

Let's look at a few "tricks" that will help create catchy ad creatives for women and girls:

  • For mainstream dating, you can use phrases like "Want a serious, long-term relationship?" or "Looking for a life partner" to attract women. For a more wholesome approach, you can use an ad with a logo or image that represents love and happiness, along with a simple message like "Find your soulmate in ..."


    Here are some specific examples of ads for different countries:

    Geo: Australia
    Description: Find mutual connections with hundreds of singles who share your interests!


    Geo: USA
    Description: Where are all the handsome guys from Franklin Park?


    Geo: South Africa
    Description: Where do attractive singles meet in Edenvale?


    Geo: Belgium
    Description: Are you tired of being alone? Find your perfect partner!



  • For pop ads, focus on landing pages or pre-landing pages that load quickly. Use a big image, keep the text minimal, and make sure the button stands out. You can attract users by offering something like "Rate a guy" to grab their attention.


  • Use romantic approaches in push notifications. Mention the opportunity to meet someone special and ask questions like "When will you find your perfect match?" or share a success story of a happy couple who met through the website or app. Test different landing page options to see what works best.
  • The way you present your ads should match the preferences and cultural norms of the country you are targeting. If you're using an advertising network like MyBid, a personal manager will handle the work for you. Otherwise, consider the psychology, characteristics, and needs of the people in each country. In the West, for example, unlike the countries of Eastern Europe and Asia, women are often the ones to make the first move, so using ads with men will work well. You can use pictures of successful businessmen, attractive cowboys, or rich single fathers, depending on the offer.


    However, things are different in China. Women there are expected to get married before the age of 27, and they can't initiate relationships. The initial romantic phase is also rare due to the fast-paced lifestyle. So, in China, it's better to focus on ads that promote serious, long-term relationships. Bright and contrasting ad images tend to perform well. Women are encouraged to register in the app to find a partner.


    Augmented reality creatives are also popular. This one invites girls to try the dating app and meet this guy:


    Images of happy couples and simple ads with photos, ages, and names also work well.


    In Brazil, women have more freedom and less pressure to get married early. Brazilian women in their 30s and beyond are open to casual and serious relationships. When targeting Brazil, consider using Brazilian Portuguese instead of standard Portuguese, and avoid the color purple since it's associated with mourning.



​​To sum up, targeting a female audience for dating offers is a profitable strategy. Women are increasingly interested in online communication and dating apps, and there's less competition compared to targeting men. To maximize conversions, understand the preferences and characteristics of women from different countries, and tailor your ads accordingly. Test and adapt your approach to local conditions. If you use an advertising network like MyBid, our personal manager will handle everything from start to finish, making the process easier.


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