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Advertising on Telegram

28 December 2023

If you're looking for a different place to advertise, consider giving Telegram a shot. It's a fantastic platform to connect with a financially stable audience and promote various products and services, including affiliate marketing offers. This messaging platform has become pretty popular, boasting 800 million monthly visitors in 2023.

In this article, we'll explore the ins and outs of advertising on Telegram. We'll cover the important factors to consider before you choose to advertise on Telegram, how to identify Telegram channels to advertise in, and the metrics you should pay attention to when choosing channels. We shall give you an idea of what it might cost to advertise on Telegram and share with you the most convenient way to automate the ad setup process through Telegram advertising marketplaces.

Factors to consider when advertising on Telegram

When you're advertising on Telegram, there are some important things to think about, like who you're trying to reach (target audience), which channels are a good fit, the statistics for those channels, how people interact, how well your ads are doing, and, of course, what your ad is actually saying. Let's break these down one by one.

The target audience

Understanding your target audience on Telegram is not merely a preliminary step; it's the foundation of a successful advertising campaign. Develop a full customer avatar/ profile, considering demographics, interests, and purchasing behavior.

To come up with the right target audience, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who are these individuals, and what are their interests?
  • How do they spend their day?
  • What is their education and income level?
  • How do they make purchasing decisions?
  • Which Telegram channels and topics might they subscribe to?




The key to success is delivering ads on Telegram that really speak to your intended audience, not just a broad group. For example, aim children's products at young moms, promote marketing courses to freelancers and job seekers, and give discounts to those actively seeking ways to save money.

Search for Telegram channels that cater to your target audience. If you're promoting dating or adult offers, don't limit yourself to dating channels. Check out men's channels covering hunting, fishing, cars, and entertainment too.

You can also segment your audience based on product features. For example, if you are promoting a VPN app, think about gamers, bloggers, affiliate marketers, movie enthusiasts, and other categories, instead of just going for "all Internet users." Once you've got these segments, choose Telegram channels that fit well for launching your ads.

Creating a list of relevant channels

After detailed audience profiling, the next step is to create a list of relevant Telegram channels. Thoroughly examine each channel's statistics using tools like, TGStat, and similar platforms. Advertising marketplaces like can also provide statistical information. Ensure that metrics are genuine and not inflated, as large Telegram channels often charge a higher rate for advertising.




Large Telegram channels typically feature at the top-ranking positions in catalogs and marketplaces. Advertising on such channels can be expensive but the potential reach is very big. You can always consider the top 20 channels on the list, but you’ll have to study and analyze them further before making a final decision.

Here are a few metrics to analyze:

  • Subscriber count: The number of subscribers indicates the potential reach of the channel.
  • Engagement rate (ER): Analyze how frequently subscribers engage with the content.
  • Posting frequency: Regular posting ensures an active channel with consistent content.
  • Views and subscription growth: Analyzing trends in views and subscriber growth provides insights into the channel's popularity.



Contacting channel owners


If the channel statistics align with your campaign goals, reach out to the channel owner. Communication can be through the Telegram platform or any other communication platform. Inquire about costs, ad placement details, and ad creative recommendations. Document all agreed terms to prevent misunderstandings later on.

To optimize your ad placement, consider the best time to post based on your Telegram audience's activity. Analyze when they are most active; for instance, humor-related channels might see more visitors in the evening after work, while business-related channels may get more attention during the workday.

Negotiate payment terms with channel owners; many prefer upfront payments, but there's often room for negotiation.




Lastly, double-check everything before proceeding. Confirm that the ad is live, the administrator has set everything correctly, and the ad has been targeted to reach the intended audience.

Performance Analysis

We need to see how well our campaign is doing. This involves checking how many new people subscribed coming from the ads, the number of conversions, views, reactions, engagement, and the growth in different metrics like comments.

To track how effective our Telegram ad campaign is, we should consider the following Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

  • Click-through rates: We want to track how many people who saw our ads actually visited our website.
  • Conversion from website visits to sales: After they visit the website, we want to track how many of them end up making a purchase.
  • Subscriber cost: This is calculated by dividing the advertising cost by the number of new subscribers through the ad.

To optimize your campaign, try running several tests on different Telegram channels using various ad elements like text, headlines, images, and calls to action (CTAs). It's advisable to spread your budget across multiple channels for a more balanced testing strategy. This will help you gather enough data that you can use to find winning ads, optimize them, and scale them.

If your aim is to boost Telegram channel subscribers, you can track each advertising campaign by creating unique links. Here's a simple guide:

  • Open your channel.
  • Go to “Channel management” in the menu.




  • Choose "Invite links."
  • Click on “Create a new link.”




However, if your goal is to drive traffic to your website, calculate the number or cost of leads. Essentially, the number of people who visited the website from the Telegram ads and made a purchase or conversion. In this case, you can use UTM tags for tracking.

Ad creatives

Preparing ads that suit Telegram's style is important for success. Your ads should connect with what the audience cares about and directly address their needs. Here are some key principles for making a successful ad on Telegram:

  • Catchy headline: Telegram users prefer being presented with useful information, so headlines must contain a benefit or a statement that sparks the users’ interest.
  • Two Links: Include two links to the landing page or the website you are promoting in order to capture attention. Remember people’s attention is always scattered, we have to what it takes to capture it.
  • A clear Call to Action (CTA): Place a CTA in the middle and at the end of the message.
  • Post length: Keep posts brief, adhering to Telegram's character limits. Telegram has a 4,096-character limit on posts without media attached and a 1,024-character limit on posts with media or graphics attached. But the longer the text, the more difficult it is for users to read. Therefore, it is advisable to aim for posts under 800 characters or that fit on a standard mobile phone screen without scrolling.
  • An attractive image: While not always necessary, images should be informative and emphasize the product's benefits. When advertising on Telegram, creatives consisting of only text tend to perform very well. If you want to use an image, then its goal should be to attract attention and force users to stop scrolling the feed and read the message on the ad. 




Other key principles to observe include: 

Ad presentation style: Match your ad's style with the channel's typical content style. If the audience is used to seeing informative content in the channel, make sure that your ads are also informative. Don’t use flashy, provocative tones that the audience is not used to. Matching the channel’s style helps your ad blend seamlessly with the channel's regular content.

Timing matters: Users are most active in the first few minutes of an ad's placement. Consider ordering placement for 2-5 hours at the top of the feed to capture the attention of users who log in later.




Prepare your channel: If you are purchasing ads to get more subscribers on your own Telegram channel. Before running an advertising campaign, ensure your Telegram channel is ready. Start by, posting several compelling and useful content pieces. Potential subscribers often check the latest posts to evaluate the channel's quality and relevance before subscribing to it.

By following these principles and adapting your ad presentation to match the channel's style, you increase the likelihood of creating effective and engaging Telegram advertisements that convert.

The costs for advertising on Telegram

If you're curious about advertising prices on Telegram in 2023, two main options are available: using the official Telegram Ads platform or collaborating with administrators or owners of popular Telegram channels for direct ad placements.


1. Telegram Ads

Telegram Ads is the official advertising platform of Telegram. It allows advertisers to create and display text-based ads in different channels which are categorized based on niches. The channels must have a subscriber base of at least 1,000 people. Usually, the ads show up as sponsored messages in the channel.




Advertisers have the option to manually select specific channels to display their ads or let Telegram choose automatically. They can also target subscribers based on channels and preferred language. Advertisers can exclude certain channels to avoid undesired ad placements.

It's important to know that these ads are only seen by users who haven't subscribed to the Premium version of Telegram. Also, the revenue generated from these ads goes straight to Telegram; channel owners do not receive a share.

The pricing structure for Telegram Ads is as follows:

  • Deposit requirement: €1,000,000 (refundable if annual spending exceeds €10,000,000).
  • Starting budget: €1,000,000 for the initial campaign launch.
  • Total minimum cost: €2,000,000.

The total minimum cost for advertising through Telegram Ads is €2,000,000. This is very expensive for regular advertisers and affiliate marketers.

However, there is an option of using Telegram Ads resellers. When using resellers like OneSpot, eLama,, and Aitarget, starting prices may range from €3,000 to €4,000, including VAT and commissions.


 2. Advertising with administrators of other Telegram channels

To advertise through other Telegram channels, find suitable channels that match your offer, contact their admins/ owners, and negotiate prices for the ad placements.

Factors influencing prices include:

  • Channel traffic
  • Niche
  • Audience's buying power
  • Subscriber activity (Engagement Rate)
  • Advertising format
  • Placement time

On average, expect minimum prices for 1,000 views to vary based on channel niches. Here are a few prices for 1,000 views based on channel niches:

  • Humor and jokes: from $1.2


  • Business and startups: from $3


  • Marketing: from $2.4


  • Cryptocurrency: from $1.2




How to safely advertise on Telegram and avoid scams

Advertising on Telegram comes with risks, particularly when collaborating with channel owners for the first time. Risks include shady channel owners who use bots and other deceptive practices to cheat advertisers. To mitigate risks and ensure ad dollars are well-spent, use Telegram channel analytics tools like marketplaces, catalogs, and services like TGStat and Telemetr.



Catalogs provide valuable information, including subscriber counts, gender demographics, posting frequency, views, and subscription growth. Key metrics like the Engagement Rate (ER) are important for assessing channel legitimacy and effectiveness.



Signs of low-quality telegram channels:


  • No unsubscribe activity: Low-quality channels often lack genuine engagement, leading to a noticeable absence of unsubscribe activity. Legitimate channels typically experience some level of turnover as subscribers join and leave based on their interests. If a channel shows stagnant or artificially inflated subscriber numbers without any decrease, it might be a sign of inauthentic growth.
  • Lower-than-market-average advertisement costs: Channels offering advertisement space at prices significantly below the market average should raise a red flag. While affordability is attractive, unusually low costs may indicate a lack of genuine audience reach or engagement. Such channels might resort to deceptive practices to attract advertisers, compromising the effectiveness of the campaigns.
  • Sudden subscriber influx from questionable sources: A sudden surge in subscribers might seem like a positive sign, but it could be deceptive. Low-quality channels may employ strategies to rapidly increase subscriber numbers using questionable sources, such as purchasing fake accounts or employing bots. This artificial growth may not result in genuine engagement or conversions.
  • Robotic comments: Authentic engagement involves human interactions like post likes and comments, however, low-quality channels may have some robotic or generic comments. These comments lack depth, relevance, and personalization, indicating a lack of genuine interest or interaction with the content. Look for channels where comments reflect real human engagement and contribute to a vibrant community.
  • Views that don't increase proportionally with subscriber growth: A healthy channel experiences a proportional increase in views as its subscriber base grows. However, low-quality channels may exhibit a disconnect between subscriber numbers and views. If the channel has a large number of subscribers but consistently low views, it suggests that the audience is not actively engaging with the content, diminishing the effectiveness of your advertisement.


Signs of high-quality telegram channels:


  • Consistent growth in post views and engagement: High-quality channels exhibit consistent growth in post views and engagement. Analyze historical data to ensure a steady upward trend in these metrics, indicating an active and expanding audience. This consistency suggests a loyal following that regularly interacts with the content.
  • Regular promotions: Channels actively engaged in advertising will consistently run promotions and collaborations. Look for channels that feature regular promotions, indicating a commitment to providing diverse content to the audience. This not only enhances your ad's visibility but also positions it among other reputable brands and content.
  • External links and reposts from other users: An authentic and engaged community often shares external links and reposts content from other users. Channels with diverse content sources demonstrate a well-rounded approach to catering to audience interests. This diversity also indicates that the channel is not solely reliant on self-promotion, contributing to a richer and more engaging environment.
  • Open comments and reactions: High-quality channels encourage open communication and foster a sense of community. Look for channels where comments are not restricted or heavily moderated. This openness reflects a genuine marketplace of ideas and opinions, contributing to a more dynamic and engaging platform.
  • Effective chat moderation: Quality channels maintain effective chat moderation to ensure a positive and inclusive environment. Moderation helps filter out spam, irrelevant content, or any form of toxicity. An actively moderated chat enhances the overall user experience and signals a commitment to maintaining a high standard of content and interaction.
  • High-quality ad integration: When evaluating a channel for advertisement placement, consider how seamlessly ads are integrated into the content. High-quality channels prioritize ad placement that aligns with the overall user experience, ensuring that ads do not feel intrusive or disrupt the flow of content. A thoughtful and integrated approach enhances the effectiveness of your advertisement.
  • Consistent style and design: Channels that maintain a consistent style and design throughout their content exhibit professionalism and brand identity. Consistency in visuals, formatting, and messaging contributes to a recognizable brand image. It also ensures that your ad seamlessly blends with the overall aesthetic of the channel, enhancing its appeal to the audience who will in turn click and convert on your offer.
  • Thoughtful niche and expert content: High-quality channels focus on delivering niche and expert content tailored to their audience's specific interests. Look for channels with content that demonstrates a deep understanding of their niche, providing valuable insights and expertise. Your advertisements gain credibility when placed alongside content that aligns with the audience's expectations and preferences.

Where to find high-quality Telegram channels to advertise in + An overview of 8 top Telegram ad marketplaces

Finding high-quality Telegram channels to advertise in can be a bit tricky amid the multitude of options available. Normally, the best places to discover these channels are Telegram channel directories and review sites. However, other overlooked places to discover Telegram channels are Telegram advertising marketplaces. These platforms gather and organize Telegram channels suitable for advertising based on important metrics and specialties. They also link you up with the owners of the channels or even go further ahead to facilitate the advertising setup for you and show the results of the ad campaigns including all the ad performance metrics.

Here are the pros and cons of using Telegram advertising marketplaces:


  • Efficient discovery: Marketplaces help you quickly find the Telegram channels you need through sorting and filtering options.
  • Fast ad campaign setup: They assist in setting up advertising quickly by assigning tasks to administrators.
  • Risk management: Marketplaces take on some risks, ensuring a fair transaction.




  • Commission charges: Most marketplaces charge a commission of around 10% on facilitated deals. Some may also charge a monthly subscription plan for access to the top channel listings and ad placement tools.
  • Independent evaluation needed: While marketplaces vet listed channels, advertisers should still independently assess content quality, audience authenticity, and topic fit.




Now, let's explore eight popular Telegram advertising marketplaces that have proven effective for both channel owners and advertisers.

Top 8 Telegram advertising marketplaces in 2023

Let's review 8 popular Telegram advertising marketplaces that have been proven to be effective among channel owners and advertisers:

1. is an advertising platform connecting brands with Telegram channel owners. It provides transparency in ad prices and offers end-to-end campaign management. The platform's dedicated team can handle the entire ad campaign, from strategy to designing creative assets tailored for each channel's audience.




2. Epicstars: Epicstars is a social media advertising marketplace that includes Telegram among its platforms. It offers a built-in calculator to estimate results based on budget, aiding in spending optimization.




3. Perfluence: Perfluence focuses on partnerships between brands and Telegram influencers. Telegram influencers earn commissions for legitimate referrals, which are fairly measured through a robust tracking system.




4. Tagio Pro: Similar to, Tagio Pro facilitates buying and selling Telegram channel ads. It offers automated posting for purchased message campaigns and supports various payment methods, including cryptocurrency.




5. Teletarget: Teletarget operates as a Telegram advertising marketplace, combining channel listings with the option for their team to manage paid placements. The site displays key channel stats upfront and provides filter tools for precise audience targeting.

6. is a data-driven marketplace targeting ads to specific user segments based on interests, habits, and demographics. It uses AI to identify smaller Telegram channels with concentrated niche audiences for impactful advertising.

7. SocialJet (TeleJet): SocialJet is an advertising agency that deals with advertising across various social media platforms. They have a specific service called TeleJet, which focuses on Telegram. TeleJet simplifies the ad creation process including bidding for ad spaces, distributing ads across over 15,000 channels, and providing analytics dashboards to help advertisers understand how well their ads are performing.

8. BrandKarma: BrandKarma is a Telegram advertising marketplace that carefully checks every Telegram channel and ad. They use automated systems and human reviewers to ensure content safety for brands. This approach minimizes concerns about brand safety and ensures compliance with regulations regarding paid promotions.


Using Telegram for advertising is a great way to reach your target audience. To make it work effectively, it's important to know your audience well and find out where they hang out on Telegram. Once you've figured that out, use Telegram advertising marketplaces to set up your ads. Create ads that speak to your audience, and keep a close eye on the performance of both the ads and the ad campaigns in general.

Regularly test your ads to make them better, and make sure you keep searching and testing new Telegram channels to find the best ones that will get you the results you want.


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