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Renting Applications for Affiliate Marketing — How It Works and How to Get Started

31 May 2024

If you're into affiliate marketing, you know that being efficient is key to success. It doesn't matter if you're promoting gambling, dating, crypto, or any other offers – you want to make the most of your time and resources. That's where renting an app can be a real lifesaver. Instead of spending hours on technical stuff like developing the app, getting it approved, and launching it on the app store, you can focus on what really matters: making your ad campaigns better and earning more money.

In this article, we'll break down how the app rental business works, how much it costs to rent one, and where you can find apps for rent.


What does renting an app mean in affiliate marketing?


When we talk about renting an app in affiliate marketing, it means you're not creating the app yourself. Instead, you pay a developer a subscription fee to use their app. As long as you keep paying, you can use the app. The developer handles all the technical aspects, like making sure the app works well and doesn't crash, while you get to concentrate on promoting your offers and driving traffic.


This is what renting an application looks like according to AI.

Renting an app is one of the best ways to get traffic. Sure, some affiliate programs give you their own apps to use, but they might not have the features you need or a lot of options to choose from. Making your own app or paying someone to make a custom one for you can take a long time, and even if it gets approved, there's always a chance it could get banned from the app store later on. App stores are getting stricter about this stuff. When you rent an app, you get one that's ready to go, so you can start getting traffic right away.


How does renting an app work in affiliate marketing?


Renting applications in affiliate marketing works exactly the same as any other rental. You find an app that fits your needs, pay for it for a certain amount of time (which you can always extend), and that's it. If the app does get banned, the developer will either give you your money back or give you a new app to use, so your traffic doesn't get interrupted.


The most popular type of app for affiliate marketing is called a WebView app. WebView is a way to put website content into a mobile app so people can view it right in the app. This is important for integrating different services seamlessly. The cool thing about WebView apps is that people install them through app stores and tend to trust them more.

WebView apps are great for driving traffic in any vertical, but they work especially well for gambling. That's because most gamblers like using mobile casinos. When someone sees an ad for a new slot game with a sweet welcome bonus, the fastest way for them to try it out is to click on the ad and install the app. As a result, affiliate marketers find that promoting gambling offers through mobile apps is an effective strategy.


The pros and cons of renting apps for affiliate marketers


Renting apps can be a super convenient way for affiliate marketers in the gambling niche to drive traffic. There are some big upsides to this approach:

  • You get to focus on the actual marketing instead of stressing over technical stuff like getting past Google's approval process or fiddling with code. The app developers handle all that.
  • You don't risk getting permanently banned. If one app you're renting runs into issues, you can just swap it out for another one.
  • Rented apps are often built to work across different geos and languages, so it's easy to adapt them for various markets.

Unfortunately, there are also some downsides to be aware of:

  • Since you're not the one actually making the app, any changes or adjustments have to go through the developer. This can slow things down if you need to make changes quickly.
  • If a lot of affiliates are using the same rented app, it might get banned faster. Sometimes, it only takes a few weeks before it gets taken down.
  • To choose the right rental option, you usually have to rely on reviews from other affiliates. It's super important to really do your research and check out the providers before you commit.
  • Rented apps might come with some rules or limits that restrict how you can use them to get traffic. This can sometimes be another challenge. 

Another thing to remember is that gambling apps can get hit with bans out of nowhere, often because of user complaints or Google cracking down on the Play Store. This can happen to any gambling app, not just rentals, but it's still something to watch out for.


How much does it cost to rent apps?


The cost of renting apps can vary depending on a few key factors. It really depends on how the pricing works.

Some rental services charge you per download or installation. The more times the app gets installed, the lower the cost per download tends to be. As a general guideline, if you're getting up to 10,000 app downloads per week, you're probably looking at around $0,1 per download. However, the exact price can vary a lot between different service providers.

Other app rental plans work a bit differently — they have a flat weekly or monthly fee, regardless of how many times the app gets installed. With these fixed-fee plans, you're typically looking at around $30 per week to rent a single app. The good thing is that, if you need to rent multiple apps, you can often get a discounted rate.


Examples of application rental services


When you're renting apps, you really want to be careful and pick a good provider. The best ones are usually the ones that have been around for a while and have built up a solid customer base and good reviews. Let's take a closer look at a few of the top app rental services.




AppDelivery is a service that rents and sells WebView apps for iOS, mainly for gambling and betting. It stands out because it has built-in cloaking and is optimized for Reg2Dep campaigns.

image3.jpgWith AppDelivery, you can quickly create, rent, and launch apps for affiliate marketing in just a few steps:

  1. Register and choose your options.
  2. Set up cloaking and pre-landing, then get a link to direct traffic.
  3. Launch your campaign.

Besides the basics, AppDelivery offers domain rentals, push notifications, unrestricted geo-targeting, and a feature called Delivery Link. This feature automatically redirects users to your site, helping you track their actions without needing their permission. The minimum deposit to start using AppDelivery is $100, and the cost is $0.20 per installation, depending on the subscription plan.




Mira offers more than 500 apps for rent, primarily in the gambling and betting niches.

image4.jpgSome benefits of using Mira include:

  • A guarantee that the apps won't get banned.
  • A large selection of designs.
  • Responsive customer support.
  • Good conversion rates and quality traffic.

The service starts at $0.09 per install for up to 8,000 installations per week.


Welcome Partners


Welcome Partners is a bit different. It's an affiliate program that gives your affiliates access to a database of mobile apps. To join, you'll need to show that you have experience in the gambling and betting fields.

image5.jpgThe apps are ready to be installed and can allow traffic from various sources. One big advantage of Welcome Partners is that you won't have to pay for renting the apps — just for the advertising campaigns.


How to effectively rent an app — Advice for affiliate marketers


Before you reach out to a service to rent an app, there are several important factors to consider that will help you get the best results:

  • App design and aesthetics: People who enjoy online gambling tend to be very passionate, so the visual appeal of the app will be a key factor in whether they choose to download it. Imagery and symbols associated with a luxurious lifestyle and good fortune tend to work well for gambling apps. This includes things like attractive women, fancy cars, the number seven, treasure and jewels, and depictions of the excitement that comes with a big jackpot win.
  • Current install base: Ideally, you want to choose an app that has been downloaded fewer than 5,000 times. If an app already has a very high number of downloads, it likely means there are many affiliates already promoting it, which means you'll face a lot of competition.
  • User reviews and ratings: Since gambling apps deal with real money, it's important to make sure that the vast majority of user reviews are positive. Look for apps with high ratings and satisfied customers.
  • Download size: The best apps are 15 MB or smaller. This ensures that users can download the app quickly even if they have a slow internet connection.
  • Language and localization: If you're promoting the app in multiple geos, double-check that the user interface is properly translated and localized for each market.




Renting gambling apps can be a profitable long-term investment strategy for affiliate marketers. It's significantly cheaper than developing your own apps or buying them outright. The key is to partner with a trustworthy rental service.
When you're ready to test this approach, it’s advisable to start out with an ad network like MyBid to promote it. MyBid provides a fully managed service, whereby the affiliate managers help affiliates to set up, launch, and optimize their campaigns.


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