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Nutra Affiliate Program: Strategies to Boost Your Profits

6 June 2024

In today's article, we'll break down the different types of nutra affiliate programs and discuss the most effective traffic sources for promoting them. We'll also share success stories from other affiliates to give you an idea of the earning potential in the nutra niche. Plus, we'll provide insights into profitable regions and creative strategies to help you succeed.

What isnutra in affiliate marketing?

Many affiliate marketers begin their journey with nutra affiliate offers, which include a variety of health products like diet supplements as well as beauty products like anti-aging creams and so on.

Nutra affiliate marketing involves promoting products that claim to have health or cosmetic benefits, even though their effectiveness isn't backed by scientific evidence. These products aren't medicines but rather dietary supplements.

The nutra niche offers opportunities to promote health and wellness products while earning commissions. In nutra affiliate marketing, you'll often see aggressive marketing tactics that highlight the potential benefits and downplay any drawbacks. These campaigns target people looking for solutions to their health or cosmetic issues. The nutra niche includes various product categories, and these categories are still relevant. You can always find a nutra affiliate program to promote the best nutra affiliate networks. You can always find a nutra affiliate program to promote the best nutra affiliate networks.

Weight loss    

Excess weight has been a persistent issue in our society, primarily affecting women over 30 who are actively trying to address it. However, only a few are willing to make lifestyle changes, adjust eating habits, or increase physical activity. Instead, many seek a "magic pill" to effortlessly shed excess weight, which is the preferred option for most people dealing with obesity.

The promotion of weight loss products plays on the desire for quick results. Headlines like "Just one glass at night... lose 10 kg in a month" or "On an empty stomach in the morning... say goodbye to your belly in a week" are common in ads and websites for weight loss. The text on these websites often features "real" stories of well-known individuals, complete with before-and-after photos after using the health product.

A range of products is marketed as weight loss solutions, including:

  • Green tea
  • Detoxification supplements
  • Energy bars
  • Herbal powders that dissolve fat, and more


The classic approach to promoting weight loss is through visual before-and-after transformation images.



However, not all advertising platforms approve before-and-after images. For example, Facebook doesn't allow such ads. It considers them manipulative and exaggerated. Nevertheless, these types of ads tend to perform well on other advertising platforms, particularly in formats like Native and Banner on the MyBid ad network.





The "hidden body size" approach in creative content also works. In this case, social media algorithms may not fully grasp the message, but viewers can still understand what the nutra advertisers are trying to convey.

Another proven approach is to include various foods, pastes, drinks, etc., in creatives, as these images tend to be effective. Even better results can be achieved by featuring photos of doctors or local celebrities in these creatives. However, it's essential to be aware of affiliate program restrictions on influencer use in landing pages, pre-landing pages, and creatives to avoid future issues with your affiliate network.






Weight loss offers tend to perform best in developed countries like the USA and Western Europe, where obesity is more prevalent. Performance is lower in Latin America and Asia, while it's essential to focus on new or previously successful offers in the CIS affiliate market. New offers tend to gain traction more rapidly in the post-Soviet region compared to the West. 


Another consequence of modern sedentary lifestyles is joint pain, which typically affects adults but can also afflict younger individuals. Targeting joint pain offers is most effective for those aged 45+.

People suffering from joint pain often view it as a localized issue rather than a systemic problem. Therefore, they show greater interest in topical products like ointments, pastes, plasters, and compresses.

The primary focus in the text and creative content should be on providing quick pain relief without resorting to chemical medications.


Approaches for joint-related offers may include medical depictions of painful joints, remedies, and medical professionals. For a younger audience, especially athletes, creatives may feature images or silhouettes of fit bodies.





An approach showing the application of ointments and compressing/ rubbing the affected joint also tends to perform well.




Joint-related offers can be successful worldwide, with particularly strong performance in developing Eastern European and LATAM countries. In the post-Soviet region and Asia, offers emphasizing traditional medicine tend to be particularly effective.


The unhealthy lifestyle of many people has also impacted their reproductive function, resulting in potency disorders, which are prevalent in developed countries due to factors like a sedentary lifestyle and stress. These issues are no longer exclusive to the older generation, as young people are also affected. As a result, the popularity of potency-related offers is continually growing. The best affiliate programs in this space typically recommend targeting men aged 30-55 for male enhancement offers.

Suchnutra offers are best promoted through landing pages and creatives that highlight the natural composition of the product and its long-lasting effects, with a focus on rapid results.


Potency-related drugs are usually promoted through associative methods, using imagery that suggests the purpose of the product without explicitly stating it.






Potency-related offers are popular in all countries but tend to have a higher payout compared to other offers, despite lower conversion rates. They perform best in Tier-1 countries.

Male enhancement  

Products in the "male enhancement" category are designed to enhance male attributes, such as creams, ointments, and nutritional supplements. The target audience for these products is typically men aged 25-40, although some affiliates indirectly target men through women.

Landing pages and creatives for these male enhancement products promise quick results and improved intimate experiences, emphasizing the safety and natural properties of the ingredients.


Similar to potency products, creatives for male enhancement often use associative elements to convey the product's purpose.






Male enhancement products perform well in countries such as India, Nepal, Indonesia, Peru, and Brazil—primarily in third-world countries and some Tier-2 regions. In developed Western European and US countries, these offers may have lower performance but have higher payouts from almost every nutra affiliate network and even much higher when you work with a direct advertiser.

Traffic sources  

Affiliate marketers use various popular traffic sources to promote nutra products. Some of these sources work better for nutra offers, while others may not perform as well. Below, we'll provide detailed information about the most popular sources for this year.


There are two main ways to promote nutra products on Facebook. The first method involves running ads with direct links. Keep in mind that Facebook doesn't allow certain types of nutra products to be advertised openly, so you need to be careful with your links. Also, you'll need to experiment with different ad creatives because Facebook's algorithms are always changing. What worked a year ago might now get your ad banned.

The easier option is to use Facebook for partnerships within the nutra niche. This allows for more creative approaches that might not trigger Facebook's algorithms.

However, promoting weight loss products can be tricky because the popular "before and after" approach is almost impossible to use. People don't often advertise potency and boosters through Facebook Ads anymore because the platform closely scrutinizes these types of ads.

The second method involves sharing links organically in Facebook groups where your target audience hangs out. For example, you can promote joint products in gardening groups or weight loss products in fitness groups for women over 30.

Google Ads

Affiliates face similar challenges with Google Ads as they do with Facebook. Additionally, the cost of advertising on Google keeps going up, making it less appealing for products with low payouts. It's expected that only exclusive offers targeting expensive regions like the USA and Western Europe will be promoted through Google Ads.

If you're new to affiliate marketing, it's best to avoid starting with Google Ads. This traffic source is better suited for experienced affiliates who know how to use it cost-effectively.

Advertising networks

Advertising networks offer affordable and highly converting traffic. These networks typically don't restrict the promotion of nutra affiliate offers, and they accept various types of ad creatives from nutra affiliates and direct advertisers. Push notifications are a popular way to promote nutra products through these networks. However, one drawback is that users must agree to receive these notifications, which can limit your audience.

Some advertising networks have developed advanced push notification formats that don't require user consent, like InPage Push on MyBid.   



Popunder advertising is also effective for nutra products. When a user clicks on a site, a tab opens in the background, acting like a pre-landing page with information about the product. You can see an example of native advertising for a nutra offer related to genitourinary system conditions in the screenshot below.



One advantage of advertising networks is that you usually don't need to hide your offers or try to trick the ad approval process. Furthermore, these networks have a vested interest in their affiliates' success because it directly affects their earnings.

Some advertising networks have improved their support for partners to the point where it feels like working with an affiliate marketing team. For instance, MyBid uses a fully managed system where the network manager handles everything, from launching and optimizing ad campaigns to agreeing on rates, budgets, and creatives with affiliates. This approach can lead to better results in less time and with fewer testing costs.

Case studies

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, we are going to share some case studies demonstrating how profitable thenutra vertical can be when using different traffic sources.

Earning $10,000 by promoting a Joints Painnutra Offer on Facebook 

The affiliate began by setting up four separate Facebook accounts. This was done to reduce the risk of being banned by diversifying their presence on the platform. Each of these accounts was used to run advertising campaigns, and each campaign included three ad sets and one ad. Importantly, these campaigns promoted different nutra affiliate offers, ensuring they didn't compete with each other.

Unfortunately, one of the accounts encountered problems shortly after it was launched. Initially, Facebook approved the ad creatives, but then they banned the campaign even before it could start. The affiliate had tried to keep the ad content-neutral, but this proved extremely challenging for a potency-related offer, ultimately leading to Facebook taking action.

Two other campaigns, focusing on weight loss and rejuvenation offers, operated either at a break-even point or with minimal profit for the first week. However, one campaign stopped being profitable after seven days, and the other lost optimization when its budget was increased. Consequently, the affiliate decided to halt both of these campaigns.

The fourth account, dedicated to promoting joint pain products, quickly identified its target audience and responded well to budget increases. Over three weeks, this campaign generated nearly $8,000 in revenue, resulting in a net profit of just over $10,000.



Earning $13,350 from push

In this case, the affiliate promoted a new weight loss offer in the USA using the InPage Push format, in the MyBid advertising network. The affiliate's decision to use the InPage Push format was based on the recommendation of the network manager, who also advised using a "before and after" creative approach.

To test this approach, the affiliate initiated two separate campaigns, one targeting men and the other targeting women. Both of these campaigns brought in positive results, prompting the affiliate to scale them up fast.



Following this success, the affiliate launched another campaign, this time targeting both men and women at once. For this campaign, the network manager selected the most promising regions and sites.

The campaign also featured images of nutritional supplements along with messages highlighting the product's reliability, affordability, and use of natural ingredients. This approach was designed to specifically appeal to an older audience.



In summary, the push notification strategy recommended by the MyBid manager was:

  • Initial testing of advertising formats and geos.
  • Selection of the most effective regions and websites.
  • Scaling of the campaign with an increased budget, focusing on the most productive areas.
  • Introduction of new creatives designed to appeal to an older audience and maximize the offer's potential.

As a result, the affiliate spent $7,015 over 17 days to attract traffic through In-Page Push. In return, they received affiliate payments totaling $13,350, resulting in a substantial profit of $6,335.



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