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How To Use Inpage Push Notifications Traffic To Get A Paying Audience - iOS Users

14 August 2023

More than half of the total working time of an affiliate is spent testing hypotheses, profitable offers, and high-quality traffic that will give a good conversion. Traditionally, the best conversion rates are provided by an easy-to-convert target audience. Often, such an audience prefers to use iOS devices. According to a report by Bloomberg, more than 50% of smartphone users use Apple devices in 2019. Japan, China, Australia, Sweden, Canada, Denmark, the United States, and Switzerland are among the top countries with the highest numbers of people using of Apple devices.



However, due to the restrictions set on iOS devices, affiliates could only send push notifications to desktop devices and Android-based smartphones for a long time - but not to iOS devices. Affiliates, unfortunately, couldn't reach a delicious portion of the audience comprising iOS users.


With the introduction of Google's cookie restriction, ad networks came up with a groundbreaking solution known as InPage push (IPP) that enables advertisers to effectively reach users across various operating systems on their devices.



What is InPage push


From a technical point of view, InPage push is not a push notification in the usual sense of this format. This is a pop-up banner on a website page that looks like a classic system push notification, but, unlike classic push notifications, it does not require the user's consent to receive notifications and does not depend on the browser.


Here is an example of how such a notification looks on the publisher's website:



In most advertising networks, the InPage push format, even for desktop devices, provides only an icon, title, and message text. But in a fully-managed network like MyBid, you can also add a larger main image to notifications, which additionally attracts the user's attention and increases the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.


Дизайн без названия (21).png



Verticals in which the iOS audience in IPP shows the best conversion


Experienced affiliates know that the push format is great for promoting offers that are associated with various sweepstakes, discounts, and bonuses. Also, due to the similarity of push notifications with system notifications and messages in popular messengers, the format gives a good conversion in the niches of dating and software installations.

To get a paying audience with iOS devices, InPage push is most profitable to send to:

  • Sweepstakes;

  • Gambling;

  • Betting;

  • Installations for iOS and macOS;

  • Nutra offers;Dating and adult.


Traditionally, when learning a new format, an affiliate has to spend a lot of money and a lot of time to test push campaigns. When it comes to InPage push traffic, it is difficult to start with, especially in the crypto, micro-loans, and e-com verticals. This is precisely since in most networks there is no way to add a large image and it is difficult to meet the text character limit for the ad copy. 


In MyBid these problems have long been solved for affiliates, because even before launching a campaign, the affiliate manager can select for the affiliate some of the most relevant sites that can generate profitable traffic according to the affiliate’s campaign requirements, and their InPage push traffic campaign set up supports larger image sizes. (up to 720x480 px).



How to get iOS users to take targeted actions using InPage push notifications




Here are some recommendations for getting a high-potential audience in InPage Push for those who have already decided to test this format.

  • It is worth choosing offers that are focused on iOS and macOS device users. Many affiliate programs have offers from antivirus verticals, utilities, and other applications for Apple mobile devices. This means that, if you can acquire high-quality traffic from the advertising network and use great creatives, you’ll have a great chance of making good money even by using standard campaigns.

  • Try to achieve a good CTR. It is necessary to work out the structure of the InPage push notifications, adapting the title, message, and icon as much as possible to the specifications of the offer.

  • Use InPage push notifications when the audience is maxed out by classic push notifications. Often, replacing classic push notifications with the InPage push format for the same offers and GEOs has a positive effect on conversions.

  • Immediately separate advertising campaigns for owners of iOS and Android devices. Most likely, the results will be drastically different. Therefore, applying this approach should be a no-brainer.

  • Test non-standard offers. Even in verticals that target narrow audiences, the right targeting and campaign optimization can get you a great audience that will increase the likelihood of a successful campaign. It is worth testing various creatives (for example, specifying in the creative that a profitable offer is valid only for iPhone users), optimizing, and leaving only the most profitable ones, which you can scale later on.

  • Target your ad campaigns to platforms where classic push notifications were previously unavailable. The Safari browser, which is used daily by 90% of iOS device users, is an example of such platforms.



InPage push notifications allow you to reach out to owners of Apple devices that were previously inaccessible with regular pushes. InPage push notifications cannot completely replace classic push notifications, but this doesn’t matter. After all, this advertising method can be successfully used for both testing and scaling existing advertising campaigns in combination with familiar push notifications. You can use them together.


With InPage push notifications, you can promote the same verticals as in regular push notifications but don't cut off the idea of promoting products, apps, and utilities for iOS and macOS devices.


InPage push is the format that can provide 100% audience coverage not only for the iOS audience but is also available to users of other platforms. For those who want to learn how to work with push traffic, we recommend testing InPage push notifications, because using this format, an affiliate can get a high-quality audience for pennies, even in the traditionally expensive Tier-1 geos. Moreover, in MyBid recently added a lot of proven sites for these GEOs that have large volumes of high-converting traffic. Do not miss out on this opportunity of experimenting with InPage push traffic.

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