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How To Maximize Profits With Short Push Notification Ads

1 March 2024

If you're an affiliate marketer using push notifications to drive traffic, the success of your whole campaign comes down to the words you use in those notifications. In just 3 seconds, users decide whether to check out your offer, so you've got to nail the text.

In this guide, we'll go over how to create texts that grab attention and we'll check out examples of how to make your offer shine in a brief ad. Plus, we'll highlight common mistakes in push notification texts that can hurt your chances of making money.

Understanding push notifications: What you need to know about the basics and character limits

A push notification is made up of four parts:

  • Title: This quickly tells users what your offer is about.
  • Message text: It explains why your offer is valuable and encourages users to take action.
  • Main image: This is the visual that grabs attention and shows off your product.
  • Icon: It adds a finishing touch to the main image.


 parsing creativity into pieces

The maximum text size for push notifications is 80 characters: up to 40 characters in the title and up to 40 in the main text. The optimal title size is 19 characters, then the title text will fit on the screen of any phone.

Since most push notifications pop up on mobile devices (with about 80% on mobile and 20% on desktop, according to MyBid), it's super important to keep that in mind when you're creating your ads. Make sure your content is geared towards making the biggest impact on mobile screens.

Creating Push Notification Text: Rules and Tips

The first things that catch a user’s attention and pull them into an offer are the image and title. But how do you grab the attention of a user who's tired of constant tempting offers and promises to solve every problem? Let's break down some rules with examples.

Keep the notification title short and to the point. Studies show that push notifications with concise titles are opened 18% more frequently. Ideally, the title should clearly convey the main idea of the offer and the basic need it fulfills. 

So, follow the rule: "One push — One offer." 

If you try to squeeze all your promotions into one notification and offer a solution to every problem at once, the user might get confused and not understand what you're asking of them.

Use trigger words and calls to action to encourage users to click on the notification and explore the offer. Triggers boost conversion rates – for instance, including the term "promotional code" in the title increases the open rate of push notifications. We come across trigger words all the time, and they still work. Here are some examples:


  • Benefit
  • Urgently
  • Verified
  • Earnings
  • Secret
  • Sale
  • For free


 example of ASOS creative


Always tell people what to do in the notification, by using use clear and direct calls to action to guide users on what to do or not to do. Here are some examples:


  • Activate
  • Find out
  • Check
  • Receive
  • Get rid of it
  • Don't miss it 


gambling example

Finally, throw in some emojis to catch extra attention. They can make more people interested, but don't go overboard. Just use them a bit, as they take up 2 to 6 characters.


 dating example

How else can you make sure your push notifications grab the user's attention?


  • Segmentation: To really connect with your target audience, you must clearly understand who will be reading your offer ad. Consider factors such as gender, age, language, interests, and problems they may face. Make sure your push message is always written in the native language of your target audience.


example half naked girl


  • Contextual marketing: The more your creative reflects the user's current world, the better the chances of conversion. For instance, if you're running a fall advertising campaign, incorporate elements like falling leaves to make your creatives more relevant.
  • Mention the benefit: Craft a headline that resonates with the user, touching on a topic close to them or, better yet, addressing a specific need or solving a pressing problem. This will lead users to your offer.


 example news


  • Intrigue: Create hype and headlines with a touch of "scandals, intrigues, investigations." Just remember to maintain moderation to keep it engaging without going overboard.


winning example


  • Valuable information: Provide valuable information in your push messages to add substance and appeal to the user's interests.
  • Testing creatives: For the best results, test 3 to 5 creatives for a specific advertising campaign. The more creatives you test, the easier it is to identify the one with the highest conversion. Keep in mind that even the best creatives have a lifespan of no more than 5 days and should be replaced on time.


Common mistakes to avoid while making push notifications

  • Unclear offer description: If the push title doesn't clearly communicate the problem your offer solves, improve the text.
  • Lack of call to action: Your push message should contain clear instructions on what the user should do immediately.


 example of money winnings


  • Missing triggers: Use trigger words to captivate the user and increase the Open Rate.
  • Excessive text: Keep it brief; lengthy texts that don't fit on a smartphone screen are not effective.


gambling machine example


  • Copying others: Avoid trying to replicate someone else's success. Choose texts that are tailored to your ad campaign to attract attention to your offer.

Checklist for creating an effective push notification ad

  • Consider the context: Look at the text from the perspective of someone who reads the push and clicks on the offer.
  • Show value: Understand the user's real problem and offer a solution.
  • Shorten the text: Ensure your push is visible on any device by staying within the character limit.
  • Creative approach: Be original in your push notifications and use non-standard wording to grab more attention.

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