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How to Drive Traffic to Dating Offers From YouTube

27 March 2024

In July 2023, YouTube decided to be more lenient with creators who wanted to make money from their channels. They extended the deadline for applying for channel monetization from 30 to 90 days, giving creators more time to meet the requirements.

However, things took a turn later on when YouTube introduced a new rule. They said that you couldn't put clickable links to external websites in YouTube Shorts, those short videos that people love to watch. This made it really difficult for content creators to promote their links and websites to their viewers.

This change made it much harder to monetize YouTube channels.


youtube affiliate program

However, in November 2023, YouTube allowed users to post exciting dance videos, which was especially helpful for dating-related content. Now, with this option, it is easier for affiliates to promote products in this dating niche, because affiliates have figured out how to promote dating offers through short videos of girls dancing.

Want to learn more, keep reading this article.

Why is it profitable to use YouTube Shorts for promote dating offers?


There are several reasons why promoting dating offers on YouTube Shorts can be a profitable opportunity for affiliates. Let us explain it in simple terms:


  • Easy traffic generation: YouTube channels can attract organic traffic without the need to spend money on buying it. You don't have to worry about setting up specific targets, purchasing proxies, or using complex tools. As an affiliate, all you have to do is upload your content, and YouTube's smart technology takes care of the rest. People also search for dating-related content on other platforms like TikTok and social networks, so you can tap into those sources as well. If you work with a fully managed advertising network like MyBid, you will be provided with a personal manager who can help you choose the right ad creatives, and targeting options, saving you time and effort.
  • Variety of affiliate programs: There are plenty of affiliate programs available in the market that focus on the dating niche. This gives you the freedom to choose the program that suits you best, with different payment models like SOI, DOI, CPL, CPA, CPS, or RevShare. CPA, which pays you for specific actions, is especially profitable. Some programs even offer up to $170 per lead under this model.
  • Easy scaling: Initially, new YouTube accounts have a limit of uploading only 10 videos per day. However, as your account gains more views and becomes more established on the platform, this limit increases. Additionally, you can find existing YouTube channels with a good track record that have been active for several years at affordable prices. By acquiring such channels and uploading popular videos, you can take advantage of YouTube's algorithms to attract a larger audience to your dating offers.
  • Targeting the right audience: YouTube has a massive user base, with around 2.6 billion people using the platform every month in 2024. This means that as an affiliate, you have access to a wide and relevant audience from the dating vertical. You can easily find people who are interested in dating-related content and promote your products or offers to them.


 growth of traffic on YouTube


How to promote popular types of dating offers on YouTube Shorts

When it comes to promoting different types of dating offers on YouTube Shorts, there are three main categories to consider: Casual dating, mainstream dating, and adult dating. Let's take a closer look at each one and see how experienced affiliate marketers promote them on YouTube.

Casual dating:

Casual dating offers are targeted towards people who are looking for partners for casual encounters or one-night stands. So, the websites that cater to casual dating are suitable for advertising. These sites don't offer a lot of features because people join them with the sole purpose of having a pleasant evening.


To promote casual dating offers on YouTube Shorts, videos featuring attractive ladies showcasing their bodies tend to work well.


 example of casual dating cases


Mainstream dating:

Mainstream dating is about finding long-term relationships, connecting with people who share your interests, and having regular conversations. On the internet, you'll find various dating sites and apps that pay users to sign up and get a subscription.


To promote mainstream dating offers on YouTube, you can create compilations of popular dating apps in specific regions. This can lead to a higher number of people signing up.


Adult dating:

Adult dating offers are for people who want relationships without commitment. This category is the most popular and includes a wide range of products like webcams, chat platforms, and online games with adult content. Adult dating offers often have higher payouts because if someone uses your affiliate link to donate to a webcam model, you can earn a significant amount of money each month through revenue sharing.

To promote adult dating offers on YouTube Shorts, affiliates upload videos where viewers can only see the full content by clicking on a link.


first example of an adult dating case

The general process of promoting these dating offers on YouTube Shorts typically involves the following steps:


  1. Affiliate marketers either create new accounts or buy existing ones. Older accounts tend to be more trusted by websites.
  2. They search for suitable videos on platforms like TikTok or other video hosting sites, although creating original content is often more effective. There are online tools available that can generate videos based on specific text requests.
  3. The marketers then upload the video to YouTube and leave a link to the dating offer in a pinned comment. They continue to search for relevant content to engage with their audience.

In some cases, users are directed to a separate Telegram channel that provides links to the dating offer. This helps to monetize the audience, but it requires time and money to manage the channel.


second example of an adult dating case


Promoting dating offers on YouTube Shorts is a big opportunity in 2024. This niche remains relevant, but it's important to keep in mind that the platform is constantly evolving, and competitors' channels are also active. The requirements for content quality are continuously increasing as well. For instance, if you're using YouTube Shorts, you won't be able to advertise more than one dating offer since you're limited to 60 seconds. However, in a full-length video, there are no restrictions on duration, and you can include multiple links to different dating products.

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