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How to Drive Traffic from Twitter to OnlyFans and Adult Platforms

28 May 2024

Twitter, which Elon Musk renamed as X after buying it, has a massive audience of over 350 million people. Every month, it gets visited more than 5 billion times, which is a huge amount of traffic. One interesting thing about X is that it allows people to post adult content, called 'sensitive media.' Whether or not to view that content is up to each person since it's clearly marked and blurred. But since adult websites also have a large audience, it makes sense to promote them on Twitter.




Today, we'll talk about how to attract more visitors from Twitter to OnlyFans and other adult sites, so you can make money from it. We'll also look at a case study where someone used software to simplify this process.

The workflow


An affiliate can earn income in two main ways:


  • Through an agreement with the model. The affiliate gets paid a commission for each subscriber they send to the OnlyFans model’s account. The commission can be a percentage or a fixed amount.
  • Through an affiliate program that focuses on adult traffic. To participate, the affiliate needs to register in an affiliate program and attract users to adult platforms, including Twitter.



One method of driving traffic to platforms like OnlyFans is called "Shoutout for Shoutout" (SFS). In SFS, models or their promoters agree to repost each other's publications on their Twitter pages. This helps increase the popularity and activity of the accounts, leading to more visits to platforms like OnlyFans, where users can access paid content. Special software like TBE Twitter can automate the process of mutual reposts.


To promote an offer on SFS, if you're working directly with a model, the first step is to create or buy a Twitter account. If you choose to create a new account, you'll need to spend some time promoting it because promoting offers on social networks is not very effective with an empty account.


The account name should match the model's name on the adult platform, or a similar name if the real one is already taken. To do this, click on "More" (three dots in a circle in the left menu), then go to "Settings and Privacy," "Your Account," and "Account Information."




If the account name is already taken, please choose another one.


Next, change the location to USA, the gender to female, and set the interface language to English. In the settings, go to "Privacy and Safety," then "Your Posts," and check the corresponding box. 




This step helps notify the Twitter algorithms that your offers may contain "sensitive" content.


In the same "Privacy and Safety" menu, find the "Content You See" tab and check another box to confirm that you're willing to see such offers yourself.




Now, allow all incoming messages by going to "Direct Messages" and selecting "Everyone." This will be necessary when implementing your case and negotiating with other Twitter users for SFS.




Once the initial account setup for SFS is complete, you can focus on the visual design of your offer. Go to the profile tab and click "Set up profile."




Here, you'll need to set a profile photo and background, write a description of yourself and your offer, and add the location as USA. In the bio section, mention the model's name and include links to social networks, including OnlyFans.



A fairly honest description of the occupation.


Your profile has been created, and now you can proceed to fill it out. You'll be required to upload several tweets with engaging captions or calls to action. For example, "Want to see more behind-the-scenes videos? Follow the link."




To promote your offers, you can join special SFS chat groups (communities) and use software like TBE Twitter. When you search for 'OnlyFans' on Twitter, you'll find a page dedicated to SFS promotions right after the official account of the adult platform. 



You can interact with other Twitter accounts in these groups. Just search for a relevant chat and select 'Message' to join. In the chat, you'll find the SFS conditions.


In these groups, people share posts offering mutual advertising and SFS opportunities to attract traffic to OnlyFans and other platforms.





The rules of joining an SFS group: To join a group, you usually need to send a private message or comment on a post. The '⅓' means that for every message you send asking others to repost your content, you should repost three posts from other models. Finding SFS groups shouldn't be difficult since models often share them on their pages and in similar chats. You can also use software to automatically retweet posts.


You can either write your own message or copy it from someone else. Keep in mind that some messages may work better than others. After trying different approaches in various cases, you'll learn what works best for you.






Promoting your offer without software can be time-consuming. You'll need to manually monitor groups and engage with traffic while following the conditions. If you have the budget, you can hire an assistant from these groups who offer their services. Prices usually start at $20 per week. However, be careful of potential scammers. If you don't want to handle everything manually and save money on assistants, you can use retweet software to automate the process.

Case Study: Daily Growth of 63 and 39 Subscribers for Two OnlyFans Models

Doing all the retweets with SFS manually can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Luckily, some solutions automate these processes, such as the software from TBE Twitter. The developer of this software shared the results of their work. They had been collaborating with two OnlyFans models for three months. Both models had well-designed profiles and were active in chat rooms.



Within 24 hours of using the software, the case study showed the following results: One model, who had a less remarkable appearance, gained 39 new subscribers and earned nearly $18 on her account. The software showed that the total traffic volume included 136 clicks on the link.




The second model, who had a more attractive baby face, experienced even better results. According to the software statistics, 63 new people subscribed to her with 138 clicks, which accounted for almost 50% of the traffic.




The final results of this case study demonstrated the impact of appearance. The more people are attracted to a model's looks, the more subscribers they can acquire. Additionally, it is advisable to focus on Tier-1 countries when promoting an offer, as the audience there is more financially capable and generates better traffic.


The SFS scheme for attracting traffic to OnlyFans from Twitter and other platforms has proven to be effective, not only in this particular case study but also in general. One of the advantages of this scheme is that you can start without any investments and manually manage the process. Later, as you achieve initial results and require scalability, you can switch to specialized software. This approach is also beneficial for models who want to make their page more popular.


If you're looking for another effective source of traffic, the MyBid advertising network provides everything you need to improve your strategy and optimize costs.

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