The best GEOs for gambling in 2024: which countries are trending now

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Trending GEOs For Gambling in 2024

15 April 2024

By 2028, the gambling industry is expected to reach a value of $114 billion.


A significant portion of this growth will come from new geos entering the market, which we'll discuss in this article. We'll also highlight some important things to consider when promoting gambling offers and provide examples of high-converting ad creatives.

Why is it important to understand different geos?

For affiliate marketers, it's not just about finding good advertisers or affiliate programs with favorable terms. It's also crucial to choose the right geos for advertising campaigns.


When affiliates start to excessively promote an offer to a single geo, the audience and the market there gradually becomes saturated. New offers become less appealing, and the return on investment decreases.


That's why it's important for affiliates to stay informed and understand not only effective marketing approaches, popular games, and traffic sources, but also the current situation in different geos and their unique characteristics.


It's worth noting that the highest competition is typically in Tier-1 geos. Advertising in these geos can be quite expensive, and the high costs are not always offset by high conversion rates. So, if you don't have a large budget for testing, it might be better to focus on Tier-2 and Tier-3 geos, such as those in Africa and Asia, where the gambling market is still emerging."

Top GEOs - Africa, CIS, Asia


In Africa, there are about 1.5 billion people, and this year the continent is experiencing rapid growth in all verticals, including gambling.


African people are just starting to get into gambling, and the gambling market is growing quickly in this region. Currently, African players tend to spend a lot and show good interest in gambling.


What should you know to attract visitors here?


The average African gambler is a young man between 20 and 35 years old. Women also gamble, but not as much (around 30%). Typically, players don't have very high incomes, usually ranging from $100 to $300. However, some African geos, like South Africa, have higher average salaries, exceeding $1,500.


Here is a chart showing how the South African gambling market has grown from 2017 to 2027, with predictions for the future:



By the way, South Africa is one of the most interesting geos for promoting gambling offers. Surveys indicate that 10% of South African citizens have tried gambling for fun at least once. About half of the players use mobile applications to gamble.


In South Africa, most players are men between 18-20 and 30-35 years old, with the majority falling into the 18-24 age group.


In Africa, simple games like slots, lotteries, and crash games are popular. Sports betting, especially on football, is also common.


Around 90% of Africans own a mobile device, and they prefer to place bets using their mobile devices, based on experiences in other regions.


You can get traffic from Africa using the following methods:


  • Facebook Ads
  • TikTok Ads
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  • Push notifications and In-Page Push.


Push and In-Page Push formats are great for testing and expanding campaigns in Africa. To get the most out of these formats, it's recommended to work with a personal manager in the MyBid advertising network. You can also use native advertising formats, videos, banners, and popunders in this region. The cost of attracting visitors to Africa through MyBid is very low, with CPC starting from $0.0003.

Which ad creatives should you run in Africa?

Here are some examples of successful creatives that have converted well for affiliates targeting African audiences:







In 2023, affiliate marketers were predominantly promoting gambling offers in Kazakhstan, which continues to be a highly popular geo for gambling this year. The average salary in this region is around $700, and players tend to spend a significant portion of their income on casinos.


What should you know to attract visitors here?


Based on campaign statistics, about 76% of players in the CIS are men. The average age of players ranges from 25 to 37 years old. Users typically spend around 39 minutes per day playing at the casino, with the highest deposit activity occurring on Fridays and Saturdays.


However, it's not just Kazakhstan that you should focus on in your advertising campaigns. In 2024, it's promising to target other geos in the region, such as Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and Belarus. Additionally, the Baltic geos (Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia), Moldova, Azerbaijan, and Armenia are also worth considering.


When creating your advertisements, it's important to emphasize the opportunity to make quick money at the casino, as this is a popular approach among the target audience. Paying attention to details like incoming payments and bank balances can be effective in catching users' attention.


The most popular games in the CIS region are Crazy Monkey and Fruit Cocktail. In the past, partnerships with Aviator, a crash game, have worked well in the CIS. It's recommended to actively test and explore similar hype crash games, as they are currently performing well in all geos.

Which ad creatives should you run in CIS?







Asia is the most populated region in the world, and it is experiencing continuous growth in both prosperity and population.


In terms of advertising costs, some geos in Asia have a relatively low CPI (cost per app install) of around $1, which is quite affordable compared to other regions. The conversion rates from app install to registration and from registration to deposit are also generally favorable in Asia.


To successfully drive traffic to Asia, it's important to note that most residents in this region use smartphones with the Android operating system, particularly versions 9.0 and higher.


It's worth mentioning that the average income in many Asian geos is relatively low. For example, in India, the average monthly salary is around $400. Therefore, in your advertising materials, it's effective to highlight the potential for quick earnings from bets and emphasize an enjoyable and vibrant gameplay experience.


Aside from India, Indonesia is another hot market in Asia. The gambling market in Indonesia has shown significant profit growth, as depicted in the graph below.




According to a study by Populix, 80% of Indonesian residents have shown interest in casinos and other forms of gambling, and many have tried betting at least once. In 2023, online casino sites recorded 168 million transactions from 3 million Indonesian citizens.


The most common age group among Indonesian players is between 18 and 24 years old, but there is also a significant number of players in the 24-30 age range.


Other Asian geos that hold promise for gambling include:


  • Vietnam
  • Bangladesh
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand


Which ad creatives should you run in Asia?









To sum it up, here are some recommendations for affiliates looking to promote gambling offers in the trending geos:


  • Be original with your creatives: While it's okay to draw inspiration from others, it's important to add your own unique details that align with your specific offer, target audience, and the geo you are targeting.
  • Study geo characteristics: Take the time to understand the specific characteristics of the geo you are targeting, including peak times for gambling activities and regional differences in income. This knowledge will help you make informed decisions when setting up your targeting settings.
  • Seek guidance from personal affiliate managers and advertising network representatives: Consult with experts who can provide valuable insights and information about market fills and offer selection. In the MyBid advertising network, for example, you can work with a personal manager who can assist you with ad creatives, campaign setup, and optimization using the fully managed system.


By following these recommendations and staying informed about the latest trends and insights in the gambling industry, you can increase your chances of success in these trending geos.



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