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How to Purchase a Telegram Channel for Monetization

11 March 2024

Telegram is a highly popular instant messaging platform that not only facilitates communication but also offers the opportunity to develop channels. Today, Telegram channels have become important tools for promoting businesses, attracting new customers, and monetization.


 promoting telegram


Creating a Telegram channel from scratch and developing it on your own can be time-consuming and expensive. It is much easier to purchase an already established and promoted Telegram channel. However, there are potential pitfalls that new owners should be aware of. 


In this article, we will discuss why and how people buy Telegram channels, as well as the pros and cons associated with this practice.

Why buy a ready-made Telegram channel

Telegram channels serve various purposes, but most often they are created to generate income and for monetization. For instance, apart from selling advertisements and products, channels now also excel in the promotion of push notifications for dating services. You can obtain high-quality push traffic for such offers through advertising networks like MyBid. MyBid provides a personal manager to assist you with launching and scaling your campaign.


To start earning money, you can either create a new channel or purchase an existing one. However, creating a new channel in Telegram requires constant investments of time and money. You need to create high-quality and valuable content, attract and retain an audience, and invest in advertising to promote it.


too much work with telegram

If your primary goal is to generate profit through a Telegram channel, it is much easier to buy an established channel where all the promotion work has already been done. Let's take a closer look at situations where buying is more advantageous than creating a new channel:


  • Buying a Telegram channel for personal use and continuing to operate it in the same style and on the same topic to earn money from advertising posts.
  • Purchasing a Telegram channel along with the business it was initially created for.
  • Your own product aligns perfectly with the channel's theme.
  • Making money out of your subscribers.


If these options suit your needs, then you should consider purchasing a Telegram channel. Now, let's discuss the nuances associated with this process.

Where to Find Telegram Channels for Sale


Experienced individuals who have been buying and selling Telegram channels for a long time are familiar with the intricacies and can directly contact channel owners to make a deal. This strategy works well if you have enough experience and money to spend.


For beginners, it is easier to turn to dedicated marketplaces and directories where Telegram channels for sale are listed. Here are some places where you can find them:


  • Telegram: The Telegram platform itself has many communities dedicated to buying and selling ready-made channels. You just need to find the right community offering channels at an affordable price.
purchasing a tg channel within tg
  • Forums: You can find niche forums by searching "buy-sell telegram channel forum" in your browser.
 purchasing a tg channel within the forum
  • Marketplaces: These are platforms that allow you to find Telegram channels for sale. They have extra features that let you specify your budget, desired number of subscribers, and other search parameters.
buying a tg channel using the exchange


The cost of a Telegram channel can vary significantly. The price depends on several factors, including the channel's topic. For example, channels focusing on news, memes, and adult content are generally cheaper compared to author's blogs, business cases, and technology channels. The more complex and unique the topic and content, the higher the price.


 examples of prices for tg channels in different topics


The channel's cost is also influenced by the number of subscribers, the quality of the audience, and their engagement. You can track these parameters using platforms like Tgstat to ensure that the seller is providing accurate information and not misleading you.

How to choose a Telegram channel

There are several criteria that you should pay attention to before purchasing a Telegram channel. These may include the channel’s topic, audience, and statistics. It also depends on how well the channel is promoted and ready for monetization, and whether you can monetize it at all.

Channel’s topic:

There are two types of Telegram channels: author-based and thematic. Author-based channels are centered around a specific person, and their content represents the personal brand, thoughts, and expertise of the author. Experts generally advise against buying such channels since the audience is more likely to follow the author and may lose interest if they perceive the content as "fake."


скорость роста подписчиков


Thematic channels are easier to work with, as ownership changes often go unnoticed as long as the content remains consistent and on-topic. Audiences of thematic channels tend to be more accepting of changes in style and presentation.


Note: Choose a channel with a topic close to you or one that you won’t have to change. This is important to retain your audience.

Audience quality: 

You can request audience data from the seller, but it's best to verify it yourself. Pay attention to the following:


  • Number and quality of subscribers
  • Number of views and reactions
  • Sudden surges in activity
  • Bots in the comments


Checking these factors will help you understand whether the channel has been effectively promoted, the level of audience engagement, and their response to different types of content, including advertisements.



This criterion involves using special services to assess the quality of a Telegram channel's audience. While sellers may provide data, it's advisable to verify it independently. Two recommended services for this purpose are Tgstat and Telemetr, both tailored for Telegram.


 internal office tgstat

It is recommended to check the statistics using these services after you have already identified several channels that align with your desired topic, content, and subscriber count. Here are the key data points to pay attention to:


  • Subscriptions and unsubscriptions in the last 30 days.
  • Reach of regular and promotional posts.
  • Views within the last 24 hours.
  • ER (Engagement Rate).


Take your time and observe the statistics for a few days, even if everything appears satisfactory to the audience. Proceed with the purchase only once you are convinced that the channel aligns with your goals and exhibits potential for future growth.

Instructions: The process of purchasing a Telegram channel

Once you are confident that a Telegram channel is suitable for you, you can proceed with the purchase process. There are two secure methods of purchasing: in-person meetings and transactions through a guarantor.

Purchasing in person involves the following steps:


  • Negotiate the conditions and price.
  • Agree with the seller on the meeting location and time.
  • Meet the seller in person and ensure they are ready to proceed with the transaction.
  • Transfer the money.
  • The seller transfers the rights to manage the channel to you.


However, conducting a personal meeting is not always convenient, especially when the seller and buyer live far apart. As a result, online transactions are more common when purchasing a channel, but the presence of a guarantor is important for such transactions.


example for a guarantor


A guarantor acts as an intermediary between the buyer and seller, ensuring the security of the transaction for both parties. Marketplaces typically serve as guarantors, charging a percentage (around 5%) for their services. It is advisable to verify their reliability beforehand by reading reviews on forums and in relevant groups and gathering feedback from individuals who have already conducted transactions.

The purchase process with a guarantor involves the following steps:


  1. The seller and buyer agree on the price and transaction details.
  2. The buyer finds a guarantor and agrees on the commission amount.
  3. The guarantor creates a separate Telegram chat for all participants: seller, buyer, and guarantor.
  4. At the agreed time, all participants join the chat.
  5. The buyer makes the payment to the intermediary.
  6. The seller terminates all sessions and changes their number to the buyer's number.
  7. The seller sends a password and screenshots confirming the number change.
  8. The buyer verifies the login information and changes the password.
  9. If everything is in order, the buyer informs the guarantor that the transaction can be completed.
  10. The guarantor transfers the money to the seller.


At this point, the transaction is completed, and all rights are transferred to the buyer. No further changes can be made, and there is no possibility of a refund. Therefore, it is essential to exercise caution when selecting a channel and seller, discuss all matters in advance, and address any potential issues.


Note: To protect yourself, it is necessary to acquire not only the channel administrator rights but also the account of its creator. In some cases, it may be preferable to acquire the phone number to which the Telegram profile is registered.


Pros and cons of buying a Telegram channel

When purchasing a Telegram channel, you will encounter various nuances and risks that are important to be aware of in advance. We have compiled a list of pros and cons to help you understand the potential risks involved.




  • Time and effort saved on creating your own Telegram channel.
  • Ready-made, engaged audience.
  • Immediate promotion of your products or advertising.




  • Potential lack of profitability or failure to recoup your investment.
  • A significant portion of the audience may be artificially inflated.
  • Risk of falling victim to scammers and losing money.
  • A large number of unsubscribes due to changes in content or authorship.
  • High price for channels of good quality.

Purchasing a ready-made Telegram channel comes with risks that should be taken into account. On one hand, it saves time and provides a platform ready for monetization, but on the other hand, there is a chance of investing money and not generating any profit.


 iceberg of pros and cons for buying a tg channel


Therefore, if you decide to proceed with a purchase, exercise caution, conduct thorough research on statistics and the market, avoid dubious sellers, and only engage with trusted platforms.


Whether you choose to buy an existing Telegram channel or create one from scratch, it's important to know that both options have their downsides. When you promote a new channel, it takes time to build an audience and start seeing results. On the other hand, purchasing a pre-existing channel comes with risks and financial costs.


If you decide to buy a Telegram channel, it's crucial to carefully analyze and plan your approach. Be patient, attentive, and cautious. Take the time to study other channels, their audiences, statistics, and marketplaces. It's also important to establish communication with the current channel owners because the success of the purchased channel will depend on how you continue to develop it.


If you don't want to wait too long for your channel to start making money, you can drive traffic to it through various advertising formats provided by ad networks like MyBid. When you sign up for MyBid, you will be assigned a personal manager who can help you set up your ads and ensure your campaigns are successful.

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