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How to Get Traffic from Teaser Networks

18 March 2024

By 2024, it became apparent to many people that getting good and reliable results using traditional methods was getting harder and harder. Luckily, there are these things called teaser networks where, if you do it right, you can consistently run advertisements and get lots of cheap and high-quality visitors to your website.


In this article, we will explain what teaser networks are and answer all questions you might have about advertising on them. We'll also talk about the different formats available and give you a list of the best teaser networks based on the amount of traffic they generate.

What is a teaser network? What are their advantages?

Teaser networks are advertising networks that specialize in a type of advertising called teaser advertising. A teaser is a specific format of advertisement, usually a small banner or block, placed on websites.


Example of a teaser network


It's important to note that the word "tease" in English means to provoke or tempt, so the purpose of teaser advertising is to grab the user's attention and entice them to click on the ad.


Over time, teaser advertising networks have evolved into a middle ground between advertisers (affiliate marketers) who buy traffic and affiliate sites that sell traffic.


Teaser ads are typically placed on websites with large and diverse audiences, such as;


  • News sites
  • Forums
  • Entertainment sites
  • Online stores
  • Blogs and information resources.


In many cases, teaser networks can be more advantageous than contextual advertising because they offer lower cost-per-click (CPC). Teaser advertising is generally considered one of the most cost-effective sources of traffic.


Furthermore, teaser networks now offer targeting options based on categories, geo, gender, and other parameters.


Here are the main advantages of working with teaser networks:


  • User-friendly: Teaser networks are relatively easy to work with, even for beginners, as you don't have to worry about techniques like cloaking. Optimizing an advertising campaign in a teaser network often involves simply turning off ineffective teasers.
  • High traffic volume: Teaser networks generate billions of clicks per day across various geos.
  • Lower competition: Compared to other major advertising sources, the competition within the teaser format is relatively low.


Why is it worth doing affiliate marketing on teasers?

Nowadays, teaser networks provide a great opportunity for both beginners and experienced affiliate marketers to drive traffic to their offers. There are several reasons why affiliate marketing on teaser networks is beneficial.


Firstly, you can get cheap clicks and access to a large volume of traffic. This means you have the potential to achieve a good return on investment (ROI) and generate long-lasting links that bring in consistent traffic.


Secondly, teaser networks actively collaborate with affiliates to ensure successful campaigns. For instance, networks like MyBid offer fully managed systems where a manager assists in setting up and launching advertising campaigns. As an affiliate, your main responsibility is to fund your advertising account and work with the manager to determine the rates and creative approaches. The ongoing tasks of launching, optimizing traffic, and scaling are handled by dedicated employees of the teaser network.


Additionally, teaser networks allow you to promote a wide range of offers, including nutra, gambling, adult, and trading-related products or services.


Coming up with ad creatives for teaser ads is typically easier and more affordable compared to other advertising methods. You simply need to select high-quality, visually striking images and come up with mysterious titles that entice users to click on the teaser.


However, it's important to note that teasers have a shorter lifespan in most networks, so you'll need a variety of ad creatives. This means constantly refreshing and changing the visuals to keep the traffic flowing.

Top 6 teaser networks

1) Kadam


Kadam teaser network


Kadam is one of the largest teaser networks available today. They have been in operation since 2012 and have established themselves as a profitable source of website traffic.


One of the great things about Kadam is that they offer a variety of advertising formats that are popular, such as banners, native ads, push notifications, in-page push, and clickunders.


In terms of traffic, Kadam generates over 3 million clicks every day and delivers more than 300 billion impressions per month. That's a huge number of people seeing your ads and potentially visiting your website.


Another advantage of working with Kadam is their commitment to supporting their affiliates. They provide a personal manager who can assist you with your advertising campaigns, and they even have a design department. This means you can get help with creating attractive visuals for your teasers, which can really make a difference in grabbing people's attention.

2) Visit Web

This advertising network has been around for over 15 years. It doesn't have as much traffic as Kadam, but it's still pretty good, with over 1 billion impressions per day and more than 50,000 different advertising platforms.


They offer 8 different teaser formats (you can see them below).


Visit Web teaser network


The main focus of the network is the format of the teasers themselves.
On top of that, Visit Web has flexible targeting options. You can target specific geos, devices, languages, genders, ages, and more.

3) Media.Net


Media.Net teaser network is a teaser network that focuses on traffic primarily from Tier-1 countries, with a significant portion (90%) coming from the USA. Interestingly, this network used to be owned by the IT giants Bing and Yahoo. They handle huge volumes of traffic, with over 70 million paid clicks. receives traffic from various renowned advertising platforms, including Forbes, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Reuters, and many others. They have connections with over 500,000 resources in total. Due to the nature of their partnerships, enforces strict restrictions on content formats. They have bans on adult content, alcohol-related content, drug-related content, and other sensitive topics.


In terms of advertising formats, offers three options: contextual advertising, display advertising, and native ads. Each format serves its own purpose and can be utilized depending on advertisers' specific needs and goals.


4) AdProfex


AdProfex teaser network


AdProfex is an advertising network that prides itself on being focused on delivering results. They handle significant volumes of traffic, with 3 million clicks and 330 million impressions every day.


One of the great things about AdProfex is that they operate in 60 different geos, giving advertisers a wide reach. They also have a transparent auction system, ensuring fairness and openness in the advertising process. Additionally, AdProfex offers flexible targeting options, allowing advertisers to narrow down their audience based on specific criteria.


AdProfex specializes in certain verticals that are particularly well-suited for their network. These include the interior design, finance, utilities, and dating.


In terms of advertising formats, AdProfex offers native advertising and push notifications. Native advertising seamlessly blends with the content of the platform, providing a natural and engaging advertising experience. Push notifications, on the other hand, deliver targeted messages directly to users' devices, ensuring high visibility.

5) Direct Advert

Direct Advert is a high-quality teaser network with a large amount of traffic – over 600 million impressions every day.


You can target specific device operating systems, geos, and times. The teasers have a fixed format – they include a picture, title, description, and a link. These teasers are promoted on a network of partner websites, with a total of 15,000 resources connected.


The traffic here is very affordable. The minimum cost per click in Direct Advert is $0.005. Usually, the recommended price depends on the theme of the teaser. So, for regular affiliate marketing ads, the click rate would be around $0.02 to $0.07.


6) MyBid

MyBid is a well-known teaser network that offers extensive advertising coverage and affordable traffic costs. In fact, you can get a click in Tier-1 countries like the USA, Canada, and the UK for as low as $0.000169.


The volume of traffic that MyBid generates is truly breathtaking, with 5 billion ad impressions delivered every day. This means your ads have the potential to reach a massive audience.


MyBid provides six different advertising formats to choose from, including popunder, in-page, push notifications, native advertising, video, and banners. This variety of formats allows you to select the one that best suits your advertising needs.


There are several advantages to working with MyBid. First, the moderation process is fast, ensuring that your ads can go live quickly. Additionally, the network offers a fully-managed system, taking care of the technical aspects so you can focus on your marketing strategies. MyBid also provides competitive prices for the traffic, allowing you to maximize your return on investment. Lastly, MyBid offers free ad creatives, which can be a valuable resource when preparing your ads.


One of the biggest advantages of MyBid is it gives affiliates the ability to promote offers from various verticals. Whether you're in the gambling, crypto, dating, adult, or utilities verticals, MyBid welcomes all types of offers.


Like any other source of traffic, teaser ads require skills and knowledge. You need to learn the basic principles and understand how they work.


For instance, it's important to note that pure traffic cannot be obtained from teaser networks. There will inevitably be bots, misclicks, and other errors on the network. Therefore, it's necessary to learn how to create white and blacklists to improve the quality of traffic.


In the case of MyBid, which was mentioned earlier, our fully managed system functions well, allowing for constant campaign optimization and the elimination of bots. We recommend trying this approach by registering today, and you will immediately be assigned a personal manager who will help take care of your campaigns.


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