Analysis of Push Notification Ad Creatives for the Adult Vertical in Australia

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Ad Creatives That Convert Best in Australia for the Adult Niche: Koalas, Surfing, and Local Slangs

28 February 2024

Affiliate marketers have discovered Australia as a highly profitable geo with a target audience that is very susceptible to temptation. Men aged 30 and older, particularly those with a good income, are open to enjoying leisure activities, such as spending time with young women after playing blackjack. On weekends, they imagine themselves at the beach, enjoying a barbecue. It's a fantasy, not reality. Our goal is to present and sell this fantasy to them.

Today, we will figure out which adult creatives work best in the Australian geo and why.


girls say im australian

In this article, we present data that was put together by the MyBid media buying team, which has extensive experience in driving adult traffic to adult offers targeting Australia.

Preferences of Australians

People in the southern continent are known for their lively spirit, high-quality living, love of nature, relaxation, and enjoying life to the fullest. We're not here to pass judgment, but to capitalize on their interests. There's potential to make good money by tapping into each of these qualities. 

Invoke their emotions

Firstly, make sure you know that this is a really nice and healthy nation. The people here grew up surrounded by nature, often go to the beaches, and learned how to surf long before modern times. They're used to having a good-looking and sun-kissed body. So, using models in ad creatives should be avoided right away because it's not a practical approach because they are accustomed to natural bodies.

Ad creatives that spark viewers’ imagination, make them blush a bit, and get their minds spinning tend to perform a lot better. Here are a couple of examples that the MyBid buying team worked on and saw a click-through rate (CTR) about 30% higher than other ads.


Creative one, in bathroom


Creative two, on beach

When you first look, it might not seem extraordinary. However, there's everything here to catch an Australian's attention. The girl is clearly from around here, familiar, and appealing to the target audience. In the first scenario, the promotion is hidden within a video where the girl records herself in the shower. In the preview, there's nothing explicit, just an alluring expression and the "play" button, but the possibilities for the imagination are endless!

The second ad is similar in style. The big picture is a bit blurry, but you can see attractive body outlines. The text looks like a message from a young woman. How could you resist responding to that?

Keep it in the room

Always remember those who prefer the coziness of home over the excitement of a casino, family gatherings over noisy crowds, and watching adult films over real meetings. This group is quite large, even in Australia.

In ad creatives targeting this audience, it's important to highlight that all the attractive features of a young lady can be viewed online through a webcam chat. This is usually done by using an "online" tag over a partially exposed body.


Creative three, in hostel


Creative fout, in games

The creative on the right is different, it’s promoting a sexually-themed game. This is also a good choice, especially considering the current trend of society becoming more individualized, lonely, and digital.

Nativeness, localization, and recognition

No matter where you're advertising, it's important to embrace local characteristics. In this area, campaigns featuring Australian landscapes, slang, and traditions see a 15-20% higher ROI. For adult and dating content, showing girls on the beach with a surfboard or amidst the unique local flora and fauna works well.


Surfer girl


Girl with koala

The key is to grab the audience's attention with familiar elements. The target audience will immediately notice features familiar to their eyes and, if not out of lust, then out of a pleasant feeling of nostalgia mixed with patriotism, they will click on your ad.

When it comes to localization, use English in your ad creatives, but add a touch of Australian slang.  


Souvenir with slang from Australia

Here are some words and phrases that can boost your ad's effectiveness and conversion rates in Australia:

  • G’Day - Hello
  • Big Smoke - big city
  • Preggo - pregnant
  • Bizzo - business
  • Aussie - Australian dollar
  • To cost big bikkies - expensive
  • Lippy - lipstick
  • Exy - expensive
  • Sunnies - sunglasses
  • Barbie - barbecue


Closing thoughts


The girl is surprised

Blonde sports enthusiasts have taken over the major cities in Australia, reshaping their intended audience. Now, affiliates need to promote not just explicit images of attractive individuals but rather a sense of curiosity, fun, and, in certain situations, a feeling of homely comfort.

Now that we have studied the details of adult creatives tailored for Australia, you can confidently experiment and launch your campaigns on MyBid where you will get full hands-on support from the account managers. They will help you kickstart the advertising campaign and optimize its performance.


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