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Start monetization now

  • Monetize desktop traffic without limitations.
  • 100% fill rate with thousands of our direct advertisers.
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Safe monetization of Google and Yandex traffic

  • Safe advertising for Google traffic across all ad formats - maximum monetization without strikes and complaints.
  • Safe advertising for Yandex traffic - we know how to filter out WAP-clicks and comply with other Yandex rules.
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Smart approach to monetization

  • Manage all ad formats and settings with just one code.
  • Fast and stable code ensures the highest possible page load speed.
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Modern solution for traffic monetization

  • Ad Mediation allows you to direct traffic to the networks of your choice. Manually select which countries should go to a certain network.
  • Use our artificial intelligence-based algorithm that analyzes bids across various networks and directs your traffic to the most profitable one.
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Top specialists and cutting-edge technologies

  • The media buying teams and your personal manager continuously monitor your performance indicators.
  • Analyze the monetization of your traffic in real-time.
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Ad formats for advertisers

Push Notification
In-Page Push

Push Notification

Advertising format that represents a short pop-up message in an application or browser. Push notifications increase lead conversion into users or subscribers.

Partnership Models


Payment is made before the actual delivery of traffic

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Flat Rate

We negotiate CPM/CPC at which your traffic will be sold

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We sell your traffic at the highest possible price

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Cost for each click made by user

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Cost for a thousand ad impressions

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Available payment methods

Wire Transfer global payments — all at your fingertips for effortless online transactions.

Why choose MyBid?

Risk-free maximum income

Bid farewell to strikes and search engine filters. Bypass the strict standards of Google and Yandex. We guarantee maximum income without unnecessary fears

The most advanced analytical tools on the market

Visualize your site's statistics and their impact on your revenue. Improve your monetization strategy through our flexible settings for each traffic source

Optimized for maximum site speed

Enhance your website's speed with our meticulously optimized code. Ensure peak performance delivering the maximum speed your website deserves

Income withdrawals worldwide on request

Say no to NET 15 and NET 30 payments. Receive payments on the day of your request through the most popular payment systems. Withdraw funds directly to any bank card worldwide, commission-free

Comprehensive safety measures for advertisements

We sell your traffic at the highest possible price and take humble commission

Simplify with one-stop advertising network management

Manage numerous advertising networks effortlessly with Mybid's ad code. Benefit from our traffic mediation system based on neural network data, connecting dozens of networks

Strong analytical tools

  • MyBid Media Buy branch and Direct Ads Team ensures your continuous monitoring of your success
  • Broaden the range of buyers with our RTB service. Optimize campaigns. Find sources worth working with and charge more for premium placements
Metrics: CPC, Impressions, CPM, Subrequests, Clicks, Subscribers. Traffic Breakdown: Geo, Format, Device, Browser, Domain, UTM, Ad code


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